Procurement Policy & Principles

Our procurement process involves various steps, including quantification, sourcing, pricing and ensuring timely delivery of products and services to the central location and compliance with donor’s policies.

Our Procurement Policy for good procurement practice is used in the design and management of our supply systems. This policy follows well-established principles developed from experience with essential aid agencies systems globally, by five strategic objectives:

  • selection of reliable suppliers of high-quality products;
  • procurement of the most cost-effective products in the right quantities;
  • ensuring timely delivery;
  • ensuring transparency in sourcing, pricing and the management of supplies;
  • providing an early warning system for users about potential or actual problems in the supply chain which will affect the short-term or long-term availability of product and services.

This Policy enters into force as of February 1, 2017, and must be implemented by all International Networking Institute employees, officers, directors, and affiliates.

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