Projects & Researches


The reports produced cover either measuring or diagnosing issues concerning culture, gender, humanity, conflict, leadership, economy, climate, politics, regions, environmental factors, and management gaps.

Our Studies and research drive all our services at International Networking Institute.

They try to identify the best strategies that organizations and individual business leaders can use to access solutions and leverage the best approach. Our reports rely on fact-based, scientific methods to find the answers.


Research Areas

International Networking Institute’s studies and research examines the environment at today’s conflict zones and explore humanitarian issues; the research areas are given below:

  • Humanitarian issues
  • Regional studies
  • Business
    • Business for Peace
    • Business for Society
    • Business for Democracy
    • Business for Human Rights
    • Business in conflict zones
  • Government and society
    • Institutional Reforming
    • Democratic governance
    • Policy development
    • Institutional Building
    • Strengthening Civil Society
  • Sustainable Living in Cities


Our Reports

We develop our reports, crisis briefings, and papers through a combination of research and practical implementation, and often in partnership with our academic partners and stakeholders.

Our reports, crisis briefings, and papers provide a comprehensive assessment of the international disasters, conflict zones humanitarian crises and regional and country profiles. Our reports are used by governments, private donors, academics, journalists, NGOs and civil society organizations to inform on research, funding, advocacy, policy, and programming.

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