SturtUp & Exit

SturtUp & Exit

Formation and management of NGO is a challenging task in which organisations are always in need of appropriate guidance and support.  The priorities of Not-for-profit Organisations are to serve the society, work towards its welfare and work on their projects purposed to do so.  So there is a requirement that they get timely and quality assistance to achieve this goal.

International Networking Institute provides consultancy services to NGOs, International Aid Organisations, Trust Funds, Associations.

Our consultancy services include:

TR-in means “enter Turkey” here, we assist you, when you start your business in Turkey including;

  •             Registration
  •             Partnership
  •             Coordination and facilitation
  •             Legal Issues
  •             HR services and HR management
  •             Work and Residency Permits
  •             Organisational Management
  •             Government and Non-Government Organisations Liaison services
  •             Public and Government affairs management
  •             Monitoring and evaluation
  •             Organising events, conference, seminars and workshops
  •             Project development and implementation

TR-exit means “exit Turkey” here, we assist you, when you pull out of Turkey, do it safely & and with maximum savings.

International Networking Institute helps Non-Governmental Organisation to work in broad range areas and projects. The experienced team provides essential and legal consulting services to all NGOs enter Turkey or pull out of Turkey.

Please contact us for more information about our TR-in and TR-exit work.



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