Civil Society

We believe Civil Society is the entire range of groups and institutions that are independent of the the state, voluntary, and at least to some extend self-generation and self-reliant. This mainly address Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) but we accept any independent mess media, think tanks, universities and social and religious groups as Civil Society.

The word “civil” means tolerance and the accommodation of pluralism and diversity, civil society groups have to respect law, rights of others and right of other groups to express their interests and opinions. Civil society groups can establish ties to political parties and the governments, but they must keep their independence, and should never seek political power for themselves.

The basic role of civil society should be limiting and controlling the power of the state. Civil society activist should watch how government officials use their power.

We support civil societies’ ability to hold their governments accountable for delivering services by building the capacity of civil society, the media, parliaments and trade associations to define their priorities and concerns, to voice them persuasively to government, and to monitor its performance against those priorities.

We provide basic capacity building for individual civil society organisations and the training of their staff, mentoring, funding and relationship facilitation to improve the confidence and skills of individuals and organisations.

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